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TV shows, movies, podcasts, music, radio… all of these may be accessible to you with the right smart home technology. For example, you may be able to: Listen to the radio or an audiobook Play music and podcasts (and receive suggestions for what to listen to next!) Get the news Hear jokes Watch cable TV Stream TV, movies, and other video content

Many smart devices can help with leisure. Here are some examples.

Smart speakers and displays make it possible to use your voice to:

  • Control a TV
  • Watch live TV on a smart display
  • Stream video services
  • Play games
  • Get news and weather
  • Play the radio, music, podcasts, and audiobooks

(Note: Only audio can be used with smart speakers without displays.)

Smart TVs and media streaming devices make it possible to use your voice (via the device itself or by pairing with a smart speaker) or the remote to:

  • Stream TV shows, movies, and other media using a variety of steaming services such as Netflix or Hulu.
  • Control your TV, cable, and satellite by voice – power on and off, change channels, change inputs, and adjust the volume with your smart speaker.

Smart wearables like watches paired with earbuds make it possible to play:

  • Music
  • Podcasts
  • Games
  • Audiobooks

Devices That Can Help

Learn more about each of these devices using the pages below.

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Smart Speakers & Displays

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Smart TVs & Media Streaming Devices

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Smart Wearables

A smart wearable makes it possible to monitor your own health in a variety of ways. Wearables include watches and other biosensors that connect to a smartphone or mobile app, and in...

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Suria integrates numerous smart devices for independence, safety, and convenience at home.

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