Below you’ll find helpful links to various resources related to generic smart home technology. We will update this list of resources periodically.

Echo products comparisons: amazon echo comparison

Tech Radar- compare-amazon-echo-speaker-the-lineups

techhive wink-hub review

digitaltrends how to use alexa on your android phone
youtube Amazon Echo Show Review

Smart Home Designs:

Smart Kitchen Products:

delta voice activated faucet

Kohler smarthome

GE connected appliances

Smart Bathroom Products:

Kohler Intelligent-Toilets

Toto Washlet toilet

Other Smart Home products:


flic smart button

Tile Mate

Iris by Lowe’s

Nest home security camera

thewirecutter smart-doorbell-camera


simplisafe home security

Smart Home Lighting:

ambient smart lightbulbs

Smart Lighting and Window Shades:


Amazon Alexa/Echo User Guides:


Helpful tips and Products:

wink shortcuts

what is ifttt and how to use if this then that services

Alexa things to try– useful phrases to help you get started with Alexa

Alexa drop in feature– allows you to connect with friends and family, even if you aren’t in the room

Think Smart Box– a pre-programmed communication grid that works with Alexa

Ask My Buddy– a free service that allows users to have Alexa or Google Home contact their personal alert network of friends, family or personal care professional

Accessible Smart Phone:


Accessible computer software: