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Funding Your Smart Home Technology

Did you know that smart home technology is assistive technology?

And there are a number of funding resources that pay for assistive technology (AT) devices and services. These resources include public programs as well as private grant funding.

Below are a few funding resources in Pennsylvania. Some of these resources may be available in other states as well.

Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation

This website is a project of Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF), the Alternative Financing Program (AFP) for assistive technology in Pennsylvania. As an AFP, PATF is the expert on the Commonwealth’s funding resources for assistive technology.

PATF’s staff provides free information and assistance to people with disabilities, older Pennsylvanians, and their families and caregivers to help identify possible funding resources for needed technology.

[Not from Pennsylvania? Check if your state has an AFP that can help you navigate the AT funding resources in your state.]

PATF also provides low-interest and zero-interest, consumer loans without any fees for the purchase of assistive technology. PATF has two loan programs: 

  • Mini-Loans between $100 and $7,000 at 0% interest ($20/month minimum repayment). 
  • Low-Interest Loans between $7,001 and $60,000 at 3.75% interest (as of 2021) with extended repayment terms. If you have less-than-perfect credit, but are able to repay a loan, PATF may be able to guarantee your loan for up to $35,000. 

PATF loans can be used for assistive technology devices, including smart home technology. PATF loans can also be used for services which include evaluation, assessment, training, installation, maintenance, and repair.

PATF helps Pennsylvanians of all ages, income levels, disabilities and health conditions, communities, and cultural backgrounds. Many people are eligible for PATF loans even if they do not qualify for loans from traditional banks or credit unions.

There is no other program like PATF in Pennsylvania! For more information, call (484) 674-0506, email, or visit the website,

AT Funding Guide

PATF’s funding guide includes 66 public and private funding resources for assistive technology in Pennsylvania, information about developing a funding strategy, and how to advocate for what you need.

Download the Funding Guide

Public Funding Resources

Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waiver Programs

If you are enrolled in one of Pennsylvania’s HCBS waiver programs, smart home technology is a covered service within the category of Assistive Technology (sometimes called Electronic Devices or Systems, or Remote Supports). Talk to your service or supports coordinator to learn more. 

Learn more about Office of Developmental Programs waivers.

Learn more about Office of Long-Term Living waivers.

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)

If you are an OVR customer, OVR may provide smart home technology through your individual employment plan. Talk to your OVR counselor who may be able to help you include it in your plan. Learn more about OVR programs.

Private Funding Resources

Grant funding for smart home technology may be offered by private foundations and other organizations. Learn more in PATF’s funding guide.

Smart Home Guide

Find more details about the costs associated with smart home technology in Chapter 4 of our guide.

Download the Smart Home Guide
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