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Success Stories

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Alexa uses smart speakers, smart lighting, smart window blinds, and smart door locks to live independently in her own home.

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Chrissy and David

Chrissy and David use a smart display, smart speakers, and tablets to find and follow healthy recipes, listen to music, and set reminders.

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Elysia uses a smart speaker and a smart watch to follow recipes, listen to music, and manage her anxiety.

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Josh uses a smart security system and smart speakers and displays to live independently with safety and security.

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Kelvin uses a smart speaker to make phone calls, listen to podcasts, and check the time and weather.

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Michael uses a smart speaker, a smart media streaming device, a smart TV, and smart switches to make phone calls and control everything from his lights to his TV.

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Suria integrates numerous smart devices for independence, safety, and convenience at home.

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Tamara uses a smart display to check the bus schedule, set alarms, listen to music, and practice reading.

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