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Smart home technology and other smart devices (including smartphones and “wearables” like smart watches) can help with everything from telehealth calls with a doctor to tracking your heart rate or sleep. If your goal is to better manage your health, smart technology may be a great option. For example, you may be able to:
  • Make video or phone calls with your doctor
  • Organize your medication
  • Set reminders to take medication or perform other health-related tasks
  • Monitor your vitals (such as weight, blood pressure, blood glucose level, and more)

Many smart devices can help with telehealth and health monitoring. Here are some examples.

Smart speakers and displays make it possible to:

  • Attend telehealth appointments with your healthcare practitioner via phone call or video conferencing.
  • Allow support services to monitor your home using other smart devices (sensors, thermostat, camera, etc.) to make sure your conditions are safe.
  • Have a family member or caregiver check on you by picking up audio from your speaker or video from your display. (Note: You have full control over whether this feature is enabled or not, and you can disable it at any time. Learn more about Amazon Echo’s Drop In feature in our blog, 6 Ways to Use Your New Smart Speaker for Greater Independence.)

Smart wearables make it possible to:

  • Monitor your own vitals, such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose level, and more.
  • Give loved ones or support services the ability to remotely monitor your health vitals and respond to provide support as needed.

Devices That Can Help

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