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What It Is

A smart door lock can replace a traditional door lock to keep you safe and your home secure, while also making entry more accessible. Smart locks may provide the ability to lock and unlock your door using:

  • A keypad with soft, raised buttons
  • A touchscreen keypad
  • A mobile app
  • An automation (for example, the door unlocks when it detects you have arrived home based on the location of your smartphone, and locks after you leave)
  • A voice command
  • A fingerprint

Smart door locks can be purchased alone or as part of a smart security system.

How It Helps

A smart door lock can make it easier to keep you and your home safe and secure. Here are some examples of what you may be able to do with a smart door lock:

  • Get rid of physical keys altogether, and instead:
    • Use your voice
    • Automate the door to lock and unlock when you leave or return home
    • Enter a numeric code into the keypad
    • Use your fingerprint
    • Use the mobile app
  • Set, edit, and delete numeric key codes within a mobile app.
  • Give frequent visitors (family, friends, caregivers, delivery people) their own unique passcode.
  • Receive notifications about who is entering and exiting and when (date and time).
  • Sign up for delivery services which can be provided a code to bring supplies or groceries directly into the home, hallway, or entrance.  
  • Ensure the door is locked remotely using the app.
  • Schedule the door to lock or unlock at a certain time of day or triggered by another event, such as when your smart lighting turns off for the evening.
  • Pair with other smart devices for automations and complex scenarios, for example:
    • Receive a notification of a visitor using a smart doorbell, and verbally give the visitor a passcode for the lock – or pair the lock with your smart speaker so you can give a voice command to unlock the door.
    • Create an automation where a morning caregiver entering their passcode triggers the hallway lights leading to your bedroom and adjusts the thermostat temperature making it comfortable for you to get out of bed.
Smart Door Locks
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Choosing Your Device

Choosing the right device for you depends on many factors, including:

  • What you want to do with the device
  • How you want to do it
  • Your accessibility needs
  • The layout of your home
  • Your internet connection
  • What devices you would like to integrate together

Use our self-assessment to review your unique situation and needs, then read our top tips on how to choose your smart home technology.

Product Reviews

Once you have a good idea of what you want and need, research which products can help. Reviews can be very useful to understand each product’s strengths and limitations.

The following guides from Wirecutter review a number of smart home devices, including smart door locks:

Below are some of our favorite review websites. Many of them have “best of” lists for smart devices, as well as in-depth reviews of specific products. Try performing a search online using the name of the website plus the device type and the year. For example: PCMag best smart lock 2021.

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