Heather Tomko in a wheelchair in her kitchen
Heather feels more independent, thanks to an in-home delivery service

Heather Tomko loves how convenient it is to use an in-home grocery delivery service.

As a woman with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, grocery shopping is one of the many tasks that Heather needs help with.

In the past, she had to make sure someone was at her home to put away the groceries because she is unable to do it herself.

But now, with this delivery service, Heather gives a store associate permission to safely enter her home to put the items away, whether or not someone’s there.

While the service is meant to make grocery shopping easier, Heather points out that it is “accidentally adaptive” for people with disabilities.

She says the delivery service is a great thing in her life that she can have control over, giving her greater independence.

Heather’s story – just another example of Smart Homes Made Simple!

Read her full article at theheatherreport.com

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