When you visit Alexa Brill’s house, you enter a cheerfully colorful home that is filled with smart home technology. Alexa lives in Camp Hill, PA along with her loyal pup Chloe, and her fish. She is a graduate of Edinboro University in Erie, PA and is currently working for The ARC of Pennsylvania as Social Media and Website Manager. Like many of us these days, Alexa can’t live without her smart phone. With her phone, Alexa has access to many household items that maximizes her independence. Alexa has tried many types of smartphones and the one that works best for her is an Android Samsung smartphone. Through Bluetooth connectivity, Alexa can use her joystick to control Samsung’s assistant menu accessibility features to point with an arrow cursor and click on which feature she wishes to activate. Alexa samsung phone pic

Alexa has been a power wheelchair user for most of her life. When she decided to move to her own home, Alexa’s family helped her find the best smart home products so that she could control everyday household items right from her wheelchair.

As you approach Alexa’s front door you’ll notice the barrier-free entranceway with a fully automatic door lock and opener manufactured by Schlage. This door lock is Bluetooth compatible and connects to Alexa’s phone. Alexa can lock, unlock and open the door giving her complete control of who enters her home. Also thanks to Bluetooth, she has control of her TV, computer, light switches by Lutron, window blinds and thermostat. The solid flooring throughout her home make is possible for her to maneuver easily.

Watch this video of Alexa demonstrating her smart home technology.

Living independently is important to Alexa. These smart home features make it possible for her. She received funding through PA’s Home & Community Based Waiver for the accessibility adaptations to her home, and from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) for adaptations to her vehicle. Alexa and her family (who live nearby) are always researching the latest technology and devices (even if they have to make it themselves). Next on her list is to check out Amazon Echo devices to see what else is possible!

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