Smart Home Success Stories

A young white man and woman cook in a brightly lit kitchen. They both wear glasses and he is wearing a collared black shirt and she is wearing a white blouse with a black check pattern. She is dancing with her hands out in front of her while a pot sits on the stove. He has his hand on the counter and they are both smiling and looking at a smart display on the counter.

Chrissy and David’s Smart Home

Learn more about how Chrissy and David use a smart display, smart speakers, and tablets to find and follow healthy recipes, listen to music, and set reminders.

A white man stands next to a kitchen counter holding an Amazon Echo Show and smiling at the camera. He wears a white collared shirt with thin blue stripes.

Josh’s Smart Home

Learn more about how Josh uses a smart security system and smart speakers and displays to live independently with safety and security.

A black man sits in the foreground with a slight smile and stares off toward a window. Behind him on a desk is a smart speaker which has lit up. The man is seated in a power wheelchair with his hands in his lap. He has a mustache and greying hair, and he is wearing a plaid short-sleeved shirt.

Kelvin’s Smart Home

Learn more about how Kelvin uses a smart speaker to make phone calls, listen to podcasts, and check the time and weather.

A black woman laughs and looks off camera with her hand on her hip while holding a smart display. She is wearing a pink short-sleeve dress and her hair is pulled back. She is standing in a kitchen.

Tamara’s Smart Home

Learn more about how Tamara uses a smart display to check the bus schedule, set alarms, and listen to music.